Cheaper roofing repairs that last the test of time and include a warranty on roofing materials used

Small repairs, slip tiles etc £60.00 + materials
Damage to roof: ½ day: £150 - £200 + materials
Damage to roof: full day: £300 + materials

Whilst it is hard to estimate repairs without actually seeing a roof, most of the roof repairs we undertake are very similar with flat roofs being the most common. What we have done is list some of the most common jobs below to give you at least an idea of costs. We can guarantee our own work and offer a warranty on the materials used within the repair, however we cannot then guarantee the whole roof as we did not install the roof in the first place. What we can do however is have a good look at the rest of the roof and let you know any future problems that may have to be looked at.

90% of all roof repairs are done for the price below.

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