ELC Roofing offer a Home Buyers Service to offer property purchasers peace of mind

Home Buyers Service £199 inc.

If you are buying a home and you want peace of mind that the roof is problem free and that you are not about to saddle yourself with expensive repair bills, call ELC Roofing now on 01787 278103. We can provide a full written report on the state of the roof and an estimate for any repairs required.

Following a house survey or inspection, potential buyers or sellers may need to get a fully qualified, competent roofing contractor to inspect the roof and provide a full written impartial report and quotation on any works that have been highlighted.

A full written report by an independent qualified roofing contractor will not only give peace of mind but will prove useful if either party have come to a point of disagreement or can be extremely useful in negotiating the price.

For a one off £199 inc. for domestic properties or we offer a full inspection and written report on the following:

  • Any type of property roof. (Zinc, Copper, Flat Roofs, Lead, Slate, Tile,)
  • Any chimney structural concerns or damage
  • All Timber Work
  • Roof lights and Windows
  • Porches and bay windows
  • Insulation
  • Condensation Issues


(The fee of £199 (including vat) is taken off any quotation provided by us should either party proceed with any roofing work we believe needs to be undertaken. )

To arrange a meeting please call ELC directly on 01473 407953 or 01787 278103.

Commercial property reports

Please note that commercial including shops, offices and schools are often far larger and can incorporate a number of buildings. ELC charge £399 + vat for commercial properties.



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