Guttering Repair

Here at ELC Roofing we cover a wide range of jobs including Guttering services, we carry out repairs where possible and also complete overhauls of guttering systems.

We use various materials in guttering including, UPVC, Zinc, Copper, and Cast Iron.

UPVC Guttering

UPVC Guttering is used nationwide in the UK and offers guttering systems at reasonable prices. For small to mediums sized properties we mostly use half round guttering, available in black or white. For larger properties with larger roof areas we would use a deep flow guttering system. Deep flow guttering takes a lot more water than standard guttering and is not a huge amount more expensive.

Zinc Guttering

Here at ELC Roofing we offer a complete Rainwater Systems in VM Zinc. This includes half round and box gutters, down pipes and relevant accessories, available in different sizes in Quartz Zinc and Anthra Zinc.

Our zinc Rainwater systems can be easily installed with all components especially designed to fit. Zinc downpipes are available in diameter 80mm and 100mm, in Quartz Zinc and Anthra Zinc.

Zinc is becoming more and more popular and offers a long lasting material at an affordable price, whilst adding a touch of class to the property.

Copper Guttering

Copper is one of the few materials that is fully sustainable being 100% recyclable and to date only 12% of the current known reserves have ever been mined with 90% of copper scrap being reused. No other metal guttering, can come close to matching copper in this vital area. Copper is considered a green metal and not just for its colour.

Cast Iron Guttering

Cast iron rainwater goods were introduced in the late 18th century as a mass-produced alternative to lead. As well as being easier to produce, the material enabled eaves gutters to be installed much more simply, since lead could only be used in this location as a lining for timber gutters.

By the mid-19th century cast iron predominated. As a result, most old buildings now have cast iron rainwater systems which should be preserved and regularly maintained. Not only are they part of a building's heritage and character, but they also keep water out of its fabric, and they are therefore vital to its structural integrity.

Cast iron pipes, gutters and their fittings have a highly distinctive appearance due to the texture of the material, its thickness, and the quality of the cast components.


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